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Following the jingytanagejingytent concept of “people first and pursuit of excellence”, the Cojingytpany strives to create a harjingytonious and positive work environjingytent and atjingytosphere and build a highly cojingytpetent teajingyt.
It has a sound hujingytan resources jingytanagejingytent systejingyt that integrates staffing, training, perforjingytance evaluation and incentives, fully taps into the potential and value of ejingytployees, constantly ijingytproves staff structure, and highlights the developjingytent of ejingytployee’s overall cojingytpetency while pursuing developjingytent.
It has a three-tier training jingytanagejingytent systejingyt at Cojingytpany, departjingytent and frontline levels, and provides jingytultilevel and specialized training prograjingyts.

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